Check out our engine exchange program

Evo engine exchange program. $3500 with your old engine as a core Here at R&L Motorcycles, we have lots of experience building Evo Engines. During that time we developed a reliable engine package that is affordable and makes 80 hp and 90 Lbs/ft of torque with the correct set up of exhaust and modified CV carb. The engines are gone through completely, with a freshly rebuilt and balanced crankshaft and new main bearings. We rebore the cylinders and fit new Keith Black pistons. The heads are set up with fresh guides when needed and a performance valve and seat cut with some valve seat blending and light porting. Heads are then cc'd and shaved to achieve desired compression. Every part of the engine is inspected and replaced or re-sized if not like new. The engine is then carefully assembled using a new Wood peformance cam and primed with fresh oil throughout. A fresh coat of Harley textured black paint is then applied for a like new appearance. We offer a 1 year warranty on each engine if installed and tuned in our shop. The old engine that you bring to us as a core should be a complete engine with no parts missing.