About Us

R&L Motorcycles is proud to offer the highest quality service, maintenance & performance work for American made motorcycles. We are Saskatoons #1 Choice   for all your service requirements.


We are offering you:

-Factory trained technicians with over 50 years experience


-Full line of specialty tools and equipment, at R & L everything is done in our shop. We have a full in house machine shop, service for all heads, cylinders and crankshafts


-We can help you get your ride back up and running. We use factory replacement parts or aftermarket, depending on your bike. If you have any questions about the SGI process, just give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.


-We do all service work on snowmobiles and ATVs, from getting your machine prepared for the season, to rebuilding your engine. We can supply you with any item or aftermarket parts to get the job done.


-Our parts room is filled with all parts to keep your bike going, from every gasket to every electrical component to every engine part. We are prepared to fix any problem’s that may occur with your motorcycle.


-We can build you a complete bike or help you customize the one you have. A new fender, a custom wheel, some different handle bars, touring accessories or a paint job. Anything to help make your bike fit YOU. Check out our catalogs for ideas.


-Everything from mild to wild. At R & L we warranty all of our workmanship with many years of experience building Hot Rod performance engines. Come in and see us to discuss your personalized upgrade.


-We provide Dyno tuning services. A Dyno is a tool that allows us to test, diagnosis and tune any motorcycle. This allows us to ensure that gains in horsepower and torque are made with your performance upgrade.

-We can help you select which performance parts complement each other, resulting in a package that will work best. Even the finest high performance components will not perform to their full potential without proper tuning, and this is where a Dyno is necessary.


-We offer a wide range of specialty machine shop services for motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV and marine.  Including 2 and 4 stroke cylinder boring and sleeving with port matching and chamfering where required.  Crankshaft rebuilding, and cylinder head rebuilding, including surface machining and multi-angle valve and seat cutting, valve guide replacement, and spark plug hole repair.


-We offer two day turnaround times for all our machine shop services providing all parts requirements can be met.  Our customers may supply their own parts, or we can provide them at reasonable cost as required.