Dyno Tuning





If you're wondering how much horsepower and torque your bike is making or you had a engine job done and want to know the true results than you're in the right place. We can measure your bikes performance up to 750 HP.


Here at R&L Motorcycles we have a state of the art DynoJet 250i Dynamometer. Combined with over 20 years of experience in V-Twin tuning we can definitely get the most out of your bike!

Over time we have tuned hundreds of fuel injected Harley-Davidson's,using several different tuners. We also have lots of experience in tuning carburetors and ignition modules on older Harley's. The tune of a bike is what affects the lifetime and performance of an engine and we take it seriously. For each bike a personalized Map is made from scratch to make sure that your bike will deliver the maximum horsepower and torque while maintaining smooth throttle transitions. We spend approximative 4.5 hours on your bike making sure all aspects of the tune are set to the optimal  Air/Fuel mixture and spark timing for each cylinder in all situations and conditions. Only after we are satisfied with the results on the Dynamometer will we take the bike on a road test to make sure that when you pick it up it is 100% ready to rock the roads.